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In depth crypto research and analysis. We cover both fundamental and technical aspects.

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The cryptocurrency market soared by 1600% in 2017. Thats right, 1600%, and there seem to be only a handful of institutional investors and only a small amount of retail traders who are successfully riding these short term cycles and turning profits consistently. Whats more is that the ecosystem is primed for growth, with former Goldman Sachs partner Mike Novogratz asserting that the market is poised to grow to a market cap of about $20 trillion dollars. Where do we stand currently? At the time of writing SearTrade is a blog centered around cryptocurrencies and trading. Our goal is to serve as a starting base for traders and enthusiasts alike, and equip everyone with a basic understanding of how the cryptocurrency markets work. We are a team of enthusiasts who have experienced several hype cycles in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and plan to put forward all of our knowledge in the form of this blog. Going forward, we are going to put out posts on a daily basis, covering the basics of trading, cryptocurrency markets, tips for securing your coins, etc. Once we have enough content at a basic level, we will go forward and put forward out case studies and experiments which are related to automating trades, trend following, scalping, market making, arbitrage, measuring market sentiment etc. Overall, SearTrade aims to serve as an open source of information for anyone looking to get a headstart into the cryptocurrency markets. Currently, information about these markets and analysis, although available, is very sparse. We aim to bridge this gap and put forward a good amount of quality content.